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Expert visit for livelihood augmentation of Mangrove Stewards in Sagar & Namkhana Block, Sundarbans on 18.12.2015-20.12.2015

Citizen Science Leader (CSL) Programme at East Kolkata Wetland with HSBC senior managers on 11.12.2015

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Recent Updates
Plantation programme, 'For a Green Kolkata' by NEWS & Earnst & Young
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Seminar on 'Man and Nature: East Kolkata Wetland perspective' by NEWS at South Calcutta Girls' College

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HSBC Citizen Science Leader Programme with Earthwatch, India

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Livelihood augmentation along with Mangrove Surveillance - a participatory workshop by NEWS & Nandi Foundation

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'Fresh Water Watch' Programme with HSBC Employees

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Ongoing Projects

Manual of Pug Marks of Wild Animal

Funded by : Corporate sector
Year of Commencement : August 2013
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Past Projects

Awareness camp at Amtoli (Raimangal zone)

Funded by : Livelihoods
Year of Commencement : 2013
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Status survey and conservation of Marsh mongoose in East Kolkata Wetland

Funded by : Dept. of Environment, Govt. of WB
Year of Commencement : 2005
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A Short Survey on Sea Turtles in West Bengal

Funded by : Govt. of India – United Nations Development programme (GOI-UNDP)
Year of Commencement : 2006
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Collaborative Study of Eight Wetlands of West Bengal and transfer of technology for identification of Water fowls and monitoring of Hydrological paramaeters to forest personnel of the West Bengal Government.

Funded by : International Development Agency
Year of Commencement : 1996
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 Community is an inevitable part of the Eco-system and plays a definite role to maintain it. Little or no knowledge about the surrounding environment leads to unmanaged utilization of natural resources for livelihood which in turn becomes a threat as it breaks the balance in eco-system. To combat this, NEWS has been doing extensive awareness and introduced methods which are sustainable, environment friendly and indigenous. The methods are almost 100% organic. Low cost-high productivity is ensured. The community is involved, so that they can understand the necessity for the protection of the forests and the coast lines. NEWS is also trying to introduce integrated farming. In this way, not only the ecosystem is restored, but the local people are also getting benefited. 

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