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Watch out “For A Green Kolkata- An EY Foundation Initiative”, a one day special event of plantation at Sil Maidan, Tangra, Kolkata, on 22nd August 2015. NEWS along with Kolkata Municipal Corporation is organizing this event with a motto of Greener & Better Kolkata, in presence of honorable Sri. Swapan Samaddar, Mayor-in-Council, Dept. of Environment, KMC.

Come join this cause to make our City a Greener & Healthier one.

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Recent Updates

Inheritance- The Unseen Wild. A journey started by Nature Environment & Wildlife Society to not only bring forward the mystic & unseen beauty of nature and wildlife, captured by some well known photographers but also to support and encourage young and budding photographers. It is also a platform to generate awareness among the general mass to protect these treasures.

11th August 2015 witnessed the inauguration of the 19th journey of this magnificent exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by some eminent people from different field all coming under the same roof with a common motto of not only supporting the cause but also for their love and concern for nature and wildlife. Some eminent name such as Mr. Azam Zaidi Forest Department, Mr. Kamaleswar Mukherjee,Hiron, Ms Kaushiki Chakraborty Desikan,Ms. Sarbari Dutta, Ms. Soma Chakraborty, Mr. Badsha Maitra,Mr. Rohit, Mr. Dhritiman Mukherjee & Mr. Pradeep Vyas along with many others were present at Academy of Fine arts, central Gallery.

The exhibition was open to all till 17th August 2015. The focus of this exhibition was not only in Indian wildlife and landscape but it also exhibited glimpses from different part of the world, from land to ocean. 

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Ongoing Projects

Impact of changes in water use pattern and water quality on aquatic flora of East Kolkata Wetlands: A preliminary study

Funded by : Earthwatch Institute, UK
Year of Commencement : 2014
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Concurrent Evaluation of National Afforestation Programme (NAP) Implemented through 20 Forest Development Agencies (FDA) under West Bengal State Forest Development Agencies (WBSFDA) for the sanctioned programme of 2010-2011 & 2011-2012

Funded by : National Afforestation Programme (NAP)
Year of Commencement : 2015
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Past Projects

Assessment of impact of air pollution on urban children

Funded by : World Health Organization (WHO)
Year of Commencement : 2010-11
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Awareness camp at Amtoli (Raimangal zone)

Funded by : Livelihoods
Year of Commencement : 2013
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Upgradation of socio-economic profile of women folk of Indian Sundarbans through seaweed culture

Funded by : Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India
Year of Commencement : 2010
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Local Volunteering Project in East Kolkata Wetlands

Funded by : Earthwatch Institute, UK
Year of Commencement : 2011
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Community is an inevitable part of the Eco-system and plays a definite role to maintain it. Little or no knowledge about the surrounding environment leads to unmanaged utilization of natural resources for livelihood which in turn becomes a threat as it breaks the balance in eco-system. To combat this, NEWS has been doing extensive awareness and introduced methods which are sustainable, environment friendly and indigenous. The methods are almost 100% organic. Low cost-high productivity is ensured. The community is involved, so that they can understand the necessity for the protection of the forests and the coast lines. NEWS is also trying to introduce integrated farming. In this way, not only the ecosystem is restored, but the local people are also getting benefited.

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US Consul-General talks about Sundarban

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“It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for -- the whole thing -- rather than just one or two stars.” -David Attenborough